Our Mission

We are a private research firm who aims to deliver quality research and analysis for research studies of any kind. All we want is for your vision to be successful. That's why we offer all our services at no initial cost!

Our employees are loyal and honest, and complete their every task with the utmost attention to detail. Rest assured any good-hearted project you throw our way will be completed on time, and without hesitation.

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We've conducted over 30,000 research studies in secret, including everything from remote viewing to consumer focus groups. We've recently begun hand-selecting the studies that we think the public is ready to hear, and will benefit from. Below is all the information we've released so far.

DMV Customer Satisfaction

Here we helped by implementing various psychological techniques for increasing employee morale, as well as reforming the waiting process for customers. We asked customers to rate their life quality upon leaving the DMV, to which they reported an average of 3% higher once our suggestions were implemented.

Cause for Community

In response to recent findings that missing persons posters cause a marked decrease in conversation between strangers in a given area, we found that this impact could be minimized or even reversed by proliferating the area with "free puppies" posters.

Friendly Test

Friendly responses to strangers are down 29% from 20 years ago. But greeting people in the same area day after day causes a dramatic increase in friendly responses and interactions.

BART Rule-Enforcement Examination

In progress...

Our Partners

We're proud to be working alongside BART to improve their customers' rule-enforcement experience.

The challenge of improving the customer experience at the DMV has informed all of our projects ever since.

The data-mining pioneers at Illuminati Data have worked close with us since day one. We appreciate the privelege of accessing this data and working together to put it to good use.